Video: Makoto Yoshida reports from the High Power connection test site

A video is now available for the demonstration of CHAdeMO High Power Charging technology that took place in March

Makoto Yoshida, Secretary General of CHAdeMO Association reports live from the site of the high power CHAdeMO demonstration event that took place in Ise. (English subtitles are available. Please select English from your You Tube setting.).

As a recap, CHAdeMO Association demonstrated three new technologies in March:

  • high power charging, which is three-times faster than the current 50kW charging,
  • new testing device, and
  • V2X (bi-directional charging) technology.

Mr. Yoshida said “CHAdeMO is the world’s first standard for EV quick charging and has advantages not only in its technologies but also in the number of chargers already available. We will continue to promote the technologies and popularise CHAdeMO chargers. We have organised this event to show our commitment.”

Anticipating longer wait time for charging with the upcoming deployment of bigger capacity batteries and more EVs, CHAdeMO proposes high power charging in addition to dynamic power share with multiple charging connectors, to improve the user experience.