CHAdeMO at eMove’s Charigng & Energy Conference in Munich

CHAdeMO gave a keynote speech at the Charging & Energy Conference at eMove360 and updated the audience on the harmonisation efforts between CHAdeMO GB/T

During eMove360 event in Munich, CHAdeMO’s Head of Technical WG, Tomoya IMAZU, has given a keynote speech at the Charging & Energy Conference. His presentation, titled “CHAdeMO 3.0 – Standard harmonisation efforts between CHAdeMO and GB/T” touched on the target specs, roadmap and the development status of the ChaoJi project, explaining that the new DC charging protocol would use a new plug, the same hardware that can speak multiple languages (protocols).

Answering a question from the audience, Mr. Imazu confirmed that ChaoJi would be proposed as an IEC standard, which came true a few weeks later. He also explained that there was no plan to liquid-cool the adapters (to ensure backward compatibility) for now, as he did not expect any current over 200A.

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