CHAdeMO contributed to the global debates on EV charging technology standards

CHAdeMO was invited to the Expert Workshop organised by the OECD International Transport Forum (ITF) and emphasised the importance of harmonising global standards

As a leading key player in the field of EV charging technology, CHAdeMO was invited to the Expert Workshop “Mapping standards for low-and zero-emission heavy duty vehicles” organised by the OECD International Transport Forum (ITF), held from 17 to 18 February in Paris, France. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the development of standards for the effective deployment of refuelling/charging infrastructure for LZEEVs (low- and zero- emission enabling vehicles), with a focus on heavy-duty vehicle charging.

ITF experts at the OECD Centre

At this occasion, CHAdeMO’s Secretary General, Mr Makoto Yoshida spoke about the current status and future of the charging standards as a representative of a leading EV charging technology organisation. He stressed how the harmonisation of the existing standards such as CHAdeMO, GB/T and CCS could reduce charging infrastructure-related costs and enhance the development of sustainable business models. Harmonisation is, in his view, absolutely essential for accelerating the transition to a low carbon transport system around the world, and in doing so, ensuring backward compatibility is crucial to avoid wasting any existing EVs or EV charging infrastructure.

Mr Yoshida mentioned that China and Japan are currently working in close collaboration towards a new common standard nicknamed “ChaoJi,” and explained to the experts that such harmonisation, improving the quality and safety of EV charging, should lead to enhanced consumer trust and eventually to further EV adoption. The ChaoJi Project starts from the hardware harmonisation and a unified communication standard is envisaged in the long term. It is not limited to China and Japan but is open to all countries, regions or companies that wish to participate.

Mr Yoshida’s Presentation: Perspective on standardisation developments – Dave Yoshida, CHADEMO

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