CHAdeMO high-power vehicle/charger test event in Europe finishes with success

Celebrating the release of its 400kW protocol (CHAdeMO 2.0), CHAdeMO hosted a technical event to verify the progress of high-power product development and to demonstrate key features. Connecting 5 chargers with 4 EVs, the interoperability of high-power CHAdeMO versions (1.2/2.0) was confirmed. Demonstration included 100kW+ charging using boost mode, production-model connector assemblies, dynamic current control and V2G.

Following the release of the new version of the CHAdeMO protocol (2.0) allowing up to 400kW of charging at the end of May, the Association’s Technical WG has hosted a technical event last week in Lucerne, Switzerland, to check in on the progress of high-power product development and the recent key features such as the boost mode, V2G and dynamic charging control.

During the event, connection tests were conducted of five chargers using different CHAdeMO versions (1.1, 1.2 and 2.0) and four EV/PHEVs (CHAdeMO versions from 0.9 to 1.2) to ensure interoperability across all charger / vehicle combinations.

As a result,

  • All CHAdeMO 1.2/2.0 version interoperability tests were successfully completed as planned
  • Apart from minor software issues that needed debugging, no hardware issue was observed
  • Over 100kW charging with current close to 300A was demonstrated using the combination of the boost mode and production-type non-cooled cable assemblies manufactured by Sumitomo Electric Industries
  • Key functionalities such as dynamic charging control and V2G, although already in the market in some regions, were confirmed across a variety of types of chargers / vehicles

The event was not only attended by the companies testing their products, but was made open to any CHAdeMO Regular member. 70 members from over 30 companies have joined this event to witness the connection tests as well as the V2G power management system that helped optimise the energy usage for the testing events.

CHAdeMO’s Head of High-Power SWG Utaka KAMISHIMA said: “The publication of the new version of the protocol is one thing, but even more important is the development status of upcoming products. We were able to verify, with actual equipment, that our members’ products were ready for the market launch any time, with full backward compatibility guaranteed, as defined in the protocol.”

Chargers tested: DBT-CEV, Efacec Electric Moblity, EVTEC, Signet EV Inc., Tritium
V2G power management system tested: EVTEC
Cable assemblies tested / displayed: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Fujikura
CHAdeMO charger / vehicle analyser tested / displayed: Comemso
Vehicles tested: Nissan, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Kia

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