CHAdeMO speaks at various conferences

CHAdeMO reps have been at various conferences in Europe to speak about CHAdeMO and electro-mobility

CHAdeMO speaks!

In the last few months CHAdeMO has been present in various places of Europe to speak about CHAdeMO-flavoured news.

Zero Emission Vehicle Summit

To kick off the season, CHAdeMO’s founding father, Takafumi ANEGAWA was amongst the distinguished speakers at the Zero Emission Vehicle Summit, the first of its kind organised by the UK government, in Birmingham/Milbrook on 11-12 September. On a panel titled Intelligent Infrastructure: Smart Technology and Vehicle-to-Grid, he briefly presented CHAdeMO and V2G to the roomful of guests from over 30 countries, then spoke of the necessity to collectively push forward electro-mobility in order to achieve the GHG emissions reduction goals, which the other speakers – Jackie Piero from Nuvve, a long-time CHAdeMO member, and Tom Pakenham, Ovo Energy – seconded. Anegawa also mentioned that the price of PCS needs to come lower for mass dissemination of V2G.

Cenex LCV 2018
At this 2018 version of the biggest e-moblity conference and trade fair in the UK, Takafumi Anegawa was also invited to speak at the Vehicle-to-Grid panel. At this time of UK’s large-scale funding on a series of V2G projects, there was quite a lot of interest in this topic and there were even people sitting on the floor.

Anegawa’s presentation titled “CHAdeMO as the only enabler of EV bi-directional charging (V2X): Function, Capability and Market trends” and his comments during the panel discussion were supported by fellow panellists, who share the same passion for electro-mobility and the potential of V2G. There were a number of questions from the audience on battery degradation as well as the business case of V2X projects, around which experts on the panel have built engaging discussions.

E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure 2020 UK
CHAdeMO Europe’s Tomoko Blech was invited to speak at this 2-day conference held in Milton Keynes on 25-26 September. On a panel titled “Exploring Fast Charging Conductive Solutions, AC and DC” Tomoko spoke of the importance of having any types of charging – AC or DC – available (and working), wherever the EV drivers want, at whatever speed they want.

eMove360 & Energy Conference
At the eMove & Energy Conference, that took place during the eMove360 trade show in Munich (16-18 October), CHAdeMO’s Head of Technical Work Group, Tomoya Imazu, presented the recent developments of CHAdeMO. His presentation titled “CHAdeMO DC charging protocol and evolution” explained/described in detail the evolution of various versions of CHAdeMO leading to the widely mediatised CHAdeMO-China collaboration for the next-generation high-power charging protocol. He then explained how CHAdeMO remains the only international protocol to standardise the V2X functionality, with EVs and power conditioners in the market, and emphasised the important role of V2X in the integration of renewable energy sources to the Grid.

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