CHAdeMO Specification to be open as a Technical Specification (TS) of JIS

On August 23, Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) held its Automobile Technology Committee to decide that the CHAdeMO standard specification for DC fast chargers shall be issued as its Technical Specification (TS).

This is a part of CHAdeMO activities voted on at the 2012 General Assembly: to propose CHAdeMO Specification to JIS, while keep working on IEC to be admitted in its international standard. The official JIS Technical specification (TS) is scheduled to be published shortly, if all goes as planned.

Being approved as JIS TS allows the specification to be disclosed faster than the normal JIS standard process, and ahead of the anticipated IEC publication next year. CHAdeMO shall be recognized, and made open as an official standard of Japan. Moving ahead from its current status as an industrial standard, this is expected to contribute to garnering more active international supports for CHAdeMO.