ChaoJi: next-gen ultra-high-power protocol progress update

CEC and CHAdeMO announced on 19 June the progress of ChaoJi, the next-gen ultra-high-power DC charging protocol in the making

China Electricity Council (CEC) and CHAdeMO Association hosted an on-line event to report the progress of ChaoJi, the next-gen ultra-high-power DC charging protocol currently being co-developed by these organisations.

White paper of ChaoJi EV Charging Technology is available at:

The event was held on 19 June via a video conference system and covered the latest status of the ChaoJi standard development, its technical details and the project’s next steps, among others.

The presentations and videos (more to be made available online):

  • Presentation 1: “Update on the ChaoJi Project and the way forward” an overview of the ChaoJi, project by Makoto Dave Yoshida, Secretary General, CHAdeMO Association and Liu Yong Dong, Director, China Electricity Council. 
  • Presentation 2: “A Unified Future-Oriented Charging Programme” a deep-dive on the technical side of ChaoJi, co-presented by Ni Feng, Deputy Secretary General,  EV Infrastructure Standardisation Committee of Energy Industry / Depute director of International department, NARI group and by Tomoya Imazu, Chair, CHAdeMO Technical Committee / Deputy General Manager, TEPCO Research Institute

The recording of the entire event can be viewed from here. You may select the language from among English, Chinese and Japanese.

  • The event starts around 45:00 on the video time stamp, followed by the opening video 51:00-57:00
  • Speeches by the distinguished guests up to 1:40
  • Presentation 1 (overview and road map)  1:40-1:50 (presentation material available above)
  • Presentation 2 (technology details)  1:52-2:07 in the video recording (presentation material available above)
  • Expert video messages 2:07-2:35

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