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Model name: INGEREV ROAD

Connector details: CHAdeMO

Max DC output power: 50kW

Max DC current: 125A

Output DC Voltage range: 50-500V

Communication Protocols: CHAdeMO 0.9.1

CHAdeMO Certificate number: 201412

Efficiency 94%

INGEREV® ROAD is the CHAdeMO fast charging station within the INGEREV® product range. It is designed to fulfill the needs of the electric vehicles, allowing to
charge 100 kms of range in less than 20 minutes.The equipment has been designed with easiness of use and maintenance simplicity in mind. The steel structure guarantees perfect resistance against extreme ambient conditions.

CHAdeMO rapid charge up to 50 kW

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Ingeteam is a market leader specialising in the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators, frequency converters, electrical engineering and generation plants.The company primarily serves four key sectors: energy; industry; marine, and rail traction, seeking to optimise energy consumption whilst maximising generating efficiency.

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The INGEREV product range offers all the solutions for any kind of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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