CHAdeMO remains a key component of the French charging infrastructure deployment
Despite the change of laws in May, the French government maintains the obligation of CHAdeMO connectors for the public funding programme as well as the eligibility of CHAdeMO chargers for various other subsidies including private use and depots *Cet article a été traduit en français et mis en ligne sur le site internet de notre adhèrent, l'Association V.E. je le veux (https://levejeveux.blogspot.com/2021/08/chademo-reste-un-element-cle-du.html)
HPC event featured
CHAdeMO high-power vehicle/charger test event in Europe finishes with success
Celebrating the release of its 400kW protocol (CHAdeMO 2.0), CHAdeMO hosted a technical event to verify the progress of high-power product development and to demonstrate key features. Connecting 5 chargers with 4 EVs, the interoperability of high-power CHAdeMO versions (1.2/2.0) was confirmed. Demonstration included 100kW+ charging using boost mode, production-model connector assemblies, dynamic current control and V2G.
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