High Power

EV batteries are getting cheaper and cheaper, encouraging OEMs to put more battery capacity in their vehicles. However, what is fast charging for 16-24kWh batteries, becomes not so fast when the battery size reaches 40, 60 or more kWh. To meet the expectations of the e-mobility stakeholders and drivers, CHAdeMO is working on high power charging. A new edition of CHAdeMO protocol enabling 200kW to 400kW charging was developed by the Association and its members, who are now preparing for 900kW.

High Power roadmap

Publication of 200kW protocol
CHAdeMO protocol enabling charging with 100kW continuous power/ 150-200kW peak power (400A x 500V) was published
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2018 icon2
1st high power chargers deployed
1st certified high power chargers have been deployed in 2018, on key corridor routes
Publication of 900kW charging protocol
350-400kW charging enabled, charging with up to 600A and 1.5 kV ChaoJi (CHAdeMO 3.0) full spec publication in 2021
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CHAdeMO 200kW specification

While 200kW means a significant change of charging speed for EVs with high capacity batteries, it does not require a lot of changes in the protocol itself. The main changes concern the connector and not the charger body or charging specification.

Changes to the connector

  • Sensor and/or fuse in the gun
  • Part to be touched: below 85°C
  • Part to be held: below 60°C
  • Thermo-sensor at gun and/or cable
  • Direct current control by sensor feedback